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Ep. 1- The Furious Four

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Welcome to MaomiVille, home of the Kung Fu Kittens.

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Jason Mercer-
I joined the Venom Clan because I love the movie and when I was able to actually create my own type of venomous kung fu kitten I was blown away.
Thanks MaomiVille for the fun experiences. -JM-

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Heading h6

Image descriptionWho doesn't love a good T-Shirt.
Ladies don't miss out on posing your sleek little K-Shirt all over town. And guys, who's the scrapper? You are!
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Action Figures

Life Size

Image descriptionGet your biodegradable Kung fu Kittens today! Each kittens comes with interchangeable parts and are completely poseable. Standing at a solid 3' tall your kung fu kitten will be the baddest cat on the block.
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MaomiVille Temple Accessories

Image descriptionTemple Gates

Your Temple, Your Life!

The Maomiville temple is an online interactive toy that allows your children to interact in real time and gain points towards creating a clan or even managing their own MaomiVille one day.


Image descriptionR & D


The parts assemble easily and safely ages 6 and up once installed. The Temple plugs into an ethernet connection and the user can interact with other members within in the live temple, possible future endeavors are video link, (safety protocol dictates more research) for active web cams with kids.

The more accessories they gain the more points they gain and collect a financial fund for the child, like a free bank account, that in time could establish a credit line.

One of the main reasons Kung fu Kittens was created was to help teach children ethics, value, principles and how to lead an intelligent and financially sound life as well as establish a connection with creativity.

Several accessories are to be named on the
Accessories page.

Fun and Games

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Ep. 2 The Calling

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Build Your Own Temple

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Its quick and easy and a lot of fun.
The more your Kung Fu Kitten interacts with the residents of MaomiVille deeds will be addressed as rewards and soon enough you could have your own MaomiVille. Design Temple Now.

Kung Fu Kittens Featured Temple

Featured Temple

The Wu Tang school is still open and run by Tung Tsu a master of the external energy blast.

Design Your Temple Now. Kung Fu Kittens Featured Temple

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Wall Papers and Screen Savers

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Kung Fu Kittens Blog

Join in on some of the topics the Kung Fu Kittens are discussing today. Principles of martial arts, kindness to others, even the economy. It's never to early to start learning how to contribute to the earth.

Kung Fu Sites

Ever want to train in Kung Fu?
We provide an extensive library of links to schools both local and abroad that pride themselves in the art of
Kung Fu.

Ever since I can remember I wanted to go to Shaolin Temple and train to be a martial arts master. Never to do harm though if harm came this way for me or anyone I would feel much obliged to step in and do what I could regardless of circumstances.

You Too?

Wushu Today

Kung Fu Kittens 'How To'

Legend Of The Kung Fu Kittens

Graphic Novel

Complete with special features.

Image descriptionSo many years have past and the vision of the ever so popular Kung Fu Kittens are finally here.

KFK has decided to finalize pre-production and offer exclusively to NEW members The Legend of The Kung Fu Kittens for an astronomically low price of $5.

Find out how the Kung Fu Kittens truly came to be and the battle that still ensues between them.

The Dark Shogun enlists Mashimoto Koto the fiercest samurai of the dark and his band of Demon Ronin to steal the Book Of Power that is protected by nine protectors at Shaolin Temple. Sze Quan Tai fights to the death to protect the book only to find he has been transformed into 'The Shadow Tiger' spell he used in his darkest hour. Transformed and stolen from his home Tai sets on a journey that 100 years later finally comes to fruition when he has to face his mortal enemy in a battle that changes life as we know it.

Get your copy today!

Jake Sinclair says,
"The most intriguing animal super heroes to date save the fate of human kind against the forces of evil. They're cats man.. they're cats and they kick tail!"


Kung Fu Kittens 'How To'

Creating The Kittens

The Complete Story

The Origin of the Concept Art

Image descriptionCurious how the Kung Fu Kittens were created, well outside of all of the million of You Tube videos even a copy written photo shopped movie on Troma Videos Film Fest DVD I picked up one day, though still nothing holds up to the how, what , why and when it all came to be for me when we decided to create the Kung Fu Kittens.

"If you're as curious to read as I was to write this book then I hope you sincerely enjoy it and it opens up a creative flow within you to create your own animation series or graphic novel." ~SLV~

How to Draw the Kung Fu Kittens

The Tao of Kitten

Companion book to Creating the Kittens

Image description Want to draw the Kung Fu Kittens?
Terrific, this easy to follow 20 page book illustrates the concepts of the Kung Fu Kittens to illustrate an intuitive approach to creating your own characters.

If you are serious about wanting to learn how to draw, this book is for you! Complete with skeletal structures, size comparisons and some simple walk cycles your imagination will run free.